01 September 2009

What’s on my desk today?

Just one big mess of direct mail materials and UN documents to read.

Busy, busy, busy.

The green mailer is my latest newsletter campaign, which will be dispatched next week to our donors (yehey!). I have two other direct mail campaigns to handle this week. Printing to start the week after (while I deal with online fundraising and a multitude of other things), and then letter shopping and dispatch before the end of the month.

People may think direct mail fundraising is easy, but it’s really not—and the technical demands of the job make me hyperventilate sometimes.

The coffee on my desk is to keep me sharp, the lemons to make my cough go away. The painting is to keep me relaxed, and the books are always there to make me stay sane.

My messy desk serves a purpose.


  1. i hear ya. it definitely ain't easy. long time ago, when i told people i was in direct mail, they thought i worked in the mail room. hahaha. :) sometimes i wouldn't bother explaining. ang haba eh.

  2. Aack! Checked my blog only now. So busy. Oo nga, people keep asking me, "so what do you mean by direct mail?" hay. The science of making people respond? Haha.