24 April 2006

desideratum for summer

Went and bought several pairs of Havaianas over the weekend. It's really ridiculous how we succumb to the vultures of commercialism--in this case, Brazilians who rake in millions just producing rubber flip flops. Poor old local Islander sandals are now treated as the Untouchables in the Flip Flop Caste System.

I got basic black Havaianas from their Brasil line, the ones with the Brazilian flag on the rubber thongs. Red-hot Espana Havaianas from the World Cup flip flops line looked good on my younger sister's feet so I bought that as well. And my personal favorite is my white and orange Havaianas from the 2006 Havaianas Cartunistas collection, which features colorful cartoon drawings from Brazil's top cartoon illustrators. They're absolutely adorable. Wish I could wear them to work everyday.

So now I have four pairs, including black High ones for everyday use. I wanted to buy this other pair of brown Havaianas with brown, blue and white stripes on the rubber sole, but A's mom and sister had to practically drag me away from the entire display. (I looked psychotic, smelling the rubber and holding the brown slippers close to my face.) They said I had too many pairs at the moment. Can one really have too many pairs of Havaianas?

To appease myself, I ended up buying A his very own Havaianas World Cup flip flops. England, size 12. Next month, I'm getting more High ones for my sisters and me. Money can buy you happiness sometimes, you know.

Hello, I'm Gina, and I'm showing early signs of a severe Havaianas addiction.

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  1. steffi6:28 PM

    can we pleeeeease buy another High Havaianas pair?! how about the pink one? we have a lot of pink clothes (unfortunately). I can't bear to wear something that doesn't match with any of the slippers:\

    yes i agree. buy the brown with blue and white stripes. they're adorable.

    it might amuse you to know that i've been using havaianas and only havaianas for about three weeks now, i think. my friends are starting to think that i have a whole collection of them. but we don't. which is why we need more!!! other people out there probably have like 15 or even 20 pairs in their closets. i propose that by then end of the year, we should have at least 10 havaianas pairs.

    okay byebye.