22 August 2010

Mommy and me

One of the best "de-stressers" at work is seeing a photo like this.

And I am always reminded why I love my job, and what it all means to me and ultimately, to the children.

In celebration of Breastfeeding Month, UNICEF Philippines invites all mothers out there to share 1 or 2 photos capturing their precious bonding moments with their children. It can be a breastfeeding picture or a photo of you hanging out with your kid/s, or simply any photo depicting your special mother-and-child moment. =)

Accompanying your photo should be your name, your child’s name, and 1-2 sentences on “The most important lesson I wish to teach my child is ….”

If you have exclusively breastfed your child, feel free to share your thoughts on breastfeeding as well! It is UNICEF's hope that you can inspire other moms to breastfeed.

For those who haven’t experienced being mothers, you can join this campaign by sending a photo of you and your beloved mommy, accompanied by 1-2 sentences on “The most important lesson my mother has taught me is …”

Please send your photos to psfrmanila@unicef.org and UNICEF will upload them right away. You can also check out the lovely photos that several mommies have already sent right on UNICEF Philippines' Facebook photo album "Mommy and Me"!

Thank you, everyone!


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